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Who do I speak to in order to get Sam Heughan to read me Scottish fairy tales? Either in his accent or his Jamie accent.  Because seriously…that is the most calming thing in the world. 

He’d be all, “All right, lass, to be with us.” And I’d be excited to get into bed like: 


And then he would start telling me Scottish fairy tales and I’d just stare at him like a fool:


I mean…I just need to know how to make this into real life.

(…) And  then, I sit down at my computer, in a lather of trepidation and excitement, to watch the audition tapes.

First five seconds, I’m interested—he looks totally different than he did in any of the stills—and five seconds later, Sam Heughan’s GONE, and so am I. It’s Jamie Fraser, right there in front of me, moving, talking. One of the biggest thrills ever.(…)

  - Diana Gabaldon about Sam Heughan’s Jamie audition tape.

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